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Colorful Graffiti

Every form of design tells a story and conveys a message. Likewise, every form of communication is based on a correct design that conveys a message to its intended audience.


Design and Communications.  Both are intricately intertwined, need and depend on each other, build on each other and become more effective when together.  For these reasons, SWU brings under one school, disciplines that are founded on the two -- the principles of design and the intention to communicate.  These are:

*Upon Approval by CHED

To lay the groundwork for learning, SWU sd+c learners will begin with common curriculum during their first year focusing on understanding humanity.


Using a thematic research-based approach, learners will be able to identify the varied needs, priorities and context-based issues of individuals, communities and markets. Issues surrounding groups and individuals would be based on their current and past historical and social contexts.

By the end of their first year, learners are expected to put the following into practice:


  1. Accurately identify and map out stakeholders of any particular issue;

  2. Conduct the appropriate kind of research;

  3. Facilitate focus group discussions and other research exercises;

  4. Generate the right insights from the information they gather and

  5. Interpret, analyze, create and present a meaningful synthesis of the information gathered.

Despite their paths diverging into different careers built on vastly different competencies, a common thread of principles runs through these various disciplines:


Design thinking seeks to deepen our learners’ ability to their intended audience through a multi-disciplinary approach. By applying psychology, sociology, cultural studies and other frameworks, our learners shall develop the following competencies:

  • Understanding individuals, communities and markets

  • Developing empathy

  • A solution- and results-driven orientation


Crafting a story through a form of design or communication is important to convey an individual, group or community’s voice and value to the country and the world. These crafts go beyond written or spoken word and include structures, pictures and posters, websites, and perspectives. By honing our learners to craft stories accurately, mesmerizingly and in an entertaining way, we build their abilities to:

  • Develop a communication framework approach

  • Break down stories/messages into sequences and parts

  • Find inspiration in everyday life

  • Uncover the story from the user’s perspective

All programs are built upon these principles. Beyond the core they will continue to run through all the subjects even as the learners more into their different professions.

This is the SWU PHINMA sd+c.  Our vision is nothing less than to produce the best possible design and communications professionals, to enable our students to become the best that they can be.



Urgello Street, Cebu City Philippines 6000

Tel. No.: +63 (32) 416 4680